2023 Fellow

Oria Simonini

Muralist & Painter

Oria Simonini (she/her) is a Latinx artist currently based in Omaha, Nebraska. In December of 2018 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Born in French Guiana to Argentine parents, her paintings explore migration and the complex dialogue between the migrant and non-migrant experiences. She has shown in Tugboat, Kiechel, and Constellation in Lincoln, and The Little Gallery, Josyln, Gallery 1516 in Omaha. In 2021 she began painting murals; she has collaborated with local artist David Manzanares, and other Mexican muralists, working in Omaha, Lincoln, South Sioux city, and Minneapolis. Her first solo mural was painted on The Lux Center for the Arts building, as part of the Emerge_LNK Mural festival in Lincoln, Ne. In 2022, she painted a mural for the city of Imperial in their new Art Park and was awarded the Populus Fund by The Union for Contemporary Art for a community based mural project taking place in Schuyler, Ne, and in Guatemala.

Follow Oria on Instagram at: @oriasimonini

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Portrait photo of Oria Simonini

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