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About Us


The Union for Contemporary Art strengthens the cultural and social landscape of our community by using the arts as a vehicle to inspire positive social change.

The Union uses the term “social change” as a broad umbrella to encompass a range of social and civic outcomes from increased awareness and understanding, to attitudinal change and increased civic participation. Recognizing that change on the individual level is directly linked to the building of public will and the development of policy that corrects injustice, The Union embraces the opportunity to foster social change every day through our programs, partnerships, and commitment to North Omaha.

Core Values

Community: Founded with purpose in North Omaha, we love our community and are committed to creating impact with our neighbors. Although we collaborate with partners across Omaha, our mission and work connect back to this vibrant and resilient community we call home.

Artists: We believe artists are invaluable members of our community and creative culture, and that their work as educators, mentors, and citizens is vital to a healthy and vibrant civic life. We support artists of all creative disciplines and at all levels of practice and achievement, so that they might excel in their creative practice and become stronger social advocates.

Justice: We believe in the power of the arts to raise awareness, generate conversation, and engage citizens in working toward a just and equitable society.

Accessibility: We are committed to removing barriers to the arts by providing programs that are accessible to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual identity, income level, or ability.

Collaboration: We work openly with a broad spectrum of local and national organizations, individuals, and institutions to foster a culture of support and collaboration.

Dialogue: By nature, artists who seek to challenge the status quo – aesthetically, socially, politically – produce works that often agitate, unsettle, and disquiet our most closely held assumptions and beliefs. Inherent to The Union's commitment to fostering social change and promoting freedom of artistic expression is a firm belief in the power of dialogue. To this end, The Union for Contemporary Art invites challenging conversations between artist and audience, while maintaining a supportive environment of equality and respect.

Cultural Equity

The Union is committed to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive, equitable community. Click here to read our full statement on cultural equity.

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The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands’ Guidelines and Principles

The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands’ Guidelines and Principles provide legal compliance and best practices information in 12 major areas of nonprofit management: Communication, Evaluation, Financial Management, Fundraising, Governance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Planning, Public Policy & Advocacy, Strategic Alliances, Transparency & Accountability, and Volunteer Management.

The Union is proud to be recognized as an NAM Best Practices Partner!